About Embody Chair

It was during the dot com bubble that the Aeron chair first became popular. Back then, there was an odd-looking ergonomic chair designed by Don Chadwick and Bill Stumpf of Herman Miller, Inc. Little did they know that such a 'contraption' will be a widely accepted design worldwide - and 15 years after it was first released in the market, the Aeron chair has earned a spot on the New York Museum of Modern Art.

What makes the Aeron design unique from all its other counterparts is the fact that instead of the typical upholstery-over-plastic finish, it is made of a unique mesh-like material called Pellicle. The Aeron chair has a lot of design features which make it an ergonomically sound chair, that is why it has been a crowd favorite - from those in the executive class to the humble home office worker.

Is the Embody Chair the Successor of the Aeron Chair?

However, the designers at Herman Miller are still not satisfied with the look and design of the now-classic Aeron chair. So what they did was design another chair which is deemed to be the successor of the Aeron chair. With Jeff Weber and Bill Stumpf at the designing helm, the Embody chair was born.

It was first introduced to the media - amidst great reviews - during the latter part of 2008. It was in 2009 that the product was finally made available to the market. Today, the Embody chair is dubbed to be one of the best office ergonomic chairs that you can ever sit on.

So what makes the Embody chair a natural evolution of the Aeron chair? Ergonomically, it has a lot of things going for it. First, take a look at the purported health benefits of the Embody chair:

- Eliminates discomfort and physical constraints while sitting down.
- Lowers down your heart rate.
- Minimizes stress on your muscles, bones and tissues.
- Promotes better blood circulation.
- Promotes better oxygen flow to the brain.

It does sound like the health benefits from merely sitting on an ergonomic chair is taken to the extreme - but the Embody chair really does that and more.

Every knob, button and lever can be used to adjust the Embody chair to fit your posture, height and size perfectly. The seat itself is made up of four layers which consist of plastic bands, a sheet of coils, hexagonal rings and the final, outer mesh layer which keeps both your rump and your back cool.

Another thing which makes the Embody chair a worthwhile purchase is the fact that it is made from non-toxic and sustainable materials which makes the entire piece 95% recyclable.

Based from the initial reviews, it is still debatable whether the Embody chair will reach the stratospheric heights that its predecessor - the Aeron chair - has reached. But when you look at its great-looking aesthetics, the excellent ergonomics and the outstanding features of the Embody chair, it will not be a surprise if it surpasses the success that the Aeron chair has enjoyed over the past 15 years.

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