Embody Chair Articles

Here are some useful Embody Chair and Herman Miller related articles.

About Embody Chair

Learn more about the Embody chair and find out why it's one of the best ergonomic chair you can buy.

Why buy an Embody Chair?

Find out why you should buy the Embody chair and why it's the right chair for you!

Embody Chair Colors

A list and brief guide of all the available colors for the Embody chair.

Why Buy an Embody Chair from an Authorized Dealer

Reasons why you should buy your Embody chair from an authorized dealer.

Pros and Cons of the Embody Chair

Read all the pros and cons of Herman Miller Embody chair.

Embody Chair vs Aeron Chair

A comparison review of the two best ergonomic chairs in the market today both made by Herman Miller Inc.

Herman Miller Ergonomic Chairs

A list and a brief guide to all Herman Miller ergonomics chairs: Embody, Aeron, Mirra, Celle and Eames.