Embody Chair Colors

Embody Chair Upholstery color
The Embody chair is available in different upholstery colors. It's also available in two kinds of fabrics: Rhythm Fabric and Balance Fabric.

The available colors for the Rhythm Fabric are listed below:

Rhythm Fabric colors: Black, Iris, Twilight, Pumpkin, Poppy, Molasses, Mulberry, Khaki, Mink, Charcoal, Kiwi Green, Green Apple, Peacock, Bayou, Berry Blue

It's also available in Balance Fabrics for additional price. The available colors for Balance Fabric are below, for Balance Fabric pricing visit Office Designs and/or Home Office Solutions.

Balance Fabric colors: Carbon, Blue Grey, Khaki, Blue Moon, Berry Blue, Iris, Green Apple, Chartreuse, Papaya, Mango, Tomato, Black

Embody Chair Frame color
You can also choose between two frame colors for your chair, either a Graphite frame or White Frame. There is no additional price added for choosing either of this frame color.

Embody Chair Color Preview and Pricing
For more information, prices and preview of the Embody chair in different colors visit their authorized dealer Office Designs and/or Home Office Solutions.