Embody Chair vs Aeron Chair

Although sitting in front of the computer all day is not physically taxing as compared to a manual labor type of job, it does have its drawbacks. Just imagine how sore your back and your lower extremities would be if you work on your laptop for eight hours or more, and you are sitting down on a creaky computer chair which does not provide good support for your back.

It's a good thing that there are ergonomic chairs which can be used to counteract the effect of sitting in a computer chair for too long. What these revolutionary work stools do is to go with the motion of your back and perform some other functions that a computer chair just cannot do.

Herman Miller, Inc., an American company which specializes in the manufacturing of office furniture and equipment, has developed two of the most uniquely designed ergonomic chairs which are suitable for use in the office: the Aeron chair and the Embody chair.

Read the following review to learn how one model of Herman Miller chair measures up against the other.

The Aeron Chair versus the Embody Chair

Among these two, the first model of Herman Miller chair to be released in the market was the Aeron chair. It first came out as a revolutionary ergonomic chair in 1994 and since its inception, the design has already earned several awards and recognitions.

To have an idea about what makes the Aeron chair unique, here is a quick look at its benefits, design and features:
- The body of the chair is made of a mesh-like material called Pellicle which conforms to the sitter's form and shape while at the same time minimizing pressure.
- The Aeron chair provides superior comfort, body support and a unique, ergonomics style.
- The chair also provides good foot support, as well as a natural tilt for reclining and going forward.

On the other hand, there is also the Embody chair which is the successor of the Aeron chair in terms of design. This visually stunning ergonomics chair has the following features, design and benefits:
- The Embody chair is composed of plastic 'pixels' which imitate the shape of the spine and the movement of your back.
- The flexed edges would not bite into your arms and legs when you sit down.
- The new tilt technology allows you to conveniently lean back or go forward.
- It has a narrow backrest and the Embody chair is designed in such a way that constant support for your back is provided.

Now that you already have an idea about the benefits of each type of ergonomics chair, what exactly does the birth of the Embody chair mean for the iconic Aeron chair? Since the Embody chair was only released this year, it is still too early to say whether it is the next must-have for every business establishment.

What's clear is that with the improvements in design, look, functionality and ergonomics factor, the Embody chair is a definite improvement over its predecessor - and is something that is definitely worth checking out.