Herman Miller Ergonomic Chairs

Desk jobs which require you to sit behind a computer chair for eight hours or more has become more bearable, thanks to companies like Herman Miller, Inc. What they did was design ergonomic office chairs to meet the needs of the modern worker - and with great results to boot.

Since the Michigan-based company was founded in 1923, they have grown to specialize in the manufacturing of office furniture and equipment, as well as modern furniture for homeowners. Aside from its modern design, what makes the line of Herman Miller products unique is the fact that they are built to be ecologically sound and promote sustainability.

Here, let us set our sights on one particular line of products that Herman Miller has: office chairs. Read on to find out more about the Aeron, Embody, Mirra, Celle and Eames work stools.

A Unique Line of Work Stools for the Modern Office

When you visit the website of Herman Miller, you will see that they do have an extensive line of office furniture. Take a quick look at some of the iconic, modern and innovatively designed ergonomic chairs that the company has released over the years:

1. The Aeron Chair
It was during the latter part of the 90's that the dot.com bubble occurred, and so did the modern office worker's obsession about the Aeron chair. This ergonomic chair was designed in 1994 by Don Chadwick and Bill Stumpf.

What makes the Aeron chair unique is the fact that it is made of a flexible mesh material called Pellicle, it provides great foot support and a natural tilt for reclining and going forward. The Aeron chair is so iconic that it has earned a spot in the New York Museum of Modern Art.

2. The Embody Chair
Next up, there's the Embody chair. This work stool was introduced to the market during the latter part of 2007. Its stylish aesthetics and ergonomically sound design has many people wondering whether it will reach - or even surpass - the profits that the Aeron chair made for the Herman Miller company.

3. The Mirra Chair
Just like all the other furniture manufactured by Herman Miller, the Mirra chair is unique in the sense that it combined performance, aesthetics and value for your money. The design of the backrest automatically shapes itself to the use; and it has unique features like the AireWeave suspension and the FlexFront seat edge.

4. The Celle Chair
The Celle chair takes a cue from its name by applying the Cellular Suspension system where the cells and loops that the chair is made of coincides with the body's movements. This provides for the ultimate office chair comfort, even if you have to sit on that computer chair for eight hours or more.

5. The Eames Lounge Chair
Okay, this may not necessarily fall under the classification of ergonomic office chair - but the Eames Lounge Chair is so comfortable that anybody would want one in his or her office! The Eames chair was designed by Charles and Ray Eames and was first released in 1956. The lounger comes with a matching ottoman, which is made from molded plywood and leather.

So what are you waiting for? Take your pick from these 5 popular Herman Miller office chairs and treat yourself to the ultimate seating comfort while slaving away in your workstation the entire day.