Pros and Cons of the Embody Chair

The Herman Miller Embody chair has reaped several words of recognition from bloggers and various sectors. Some have even gone as far as to say that the Embody chair is the "Aston Martin" of office chairs much like its predecessor, the Aeron chair which was previously called the "Ferrari" of office chairs. Why are they comparing these seating products to high end cars? That's easy. Since the Embody chair has revolutionary technology like those high end cars. But, is the Embody chair worthy of such praise? Here are the pros and cons of the Embody chair as well as our final verdict:

There is no doubt that the Embody chair is revolutionary. It has the Back Fit innovation which supports the natural curve of the spine which does not hinder the user from achieving his desired position unlike with most office chairs. It also has the Pixelated Support technology which allows the chair to move with the user's body thereby allowing free movement and minimizing pressure points by distributing weight evenly. Even the chair's covering is beneficial to the user since it allows the user's body to breathe and cool down unlike with regular cushions. The Embody chair also has several knobs and buttos wherein he or she can adjust the seat's height, arm, back, tilt and more. With these innovations, the consumer's money is not wasted since every part serves a specific purpose.

The Embody chair also has the standard 12-year warranty which is a major plus point. Although it is highly unlikely that the chair will ever break down due to the superb workmanship given to it as well as the Herman Miller brand's legacy of durability and quality, it is still great to have 12 years of full arranty for parts and labor.

The Embody chair's design is defiitely eyecatching especially in workplaces that have dull-looking chairs. The Embody chair comes in papaya and black. The user, however, can customize his or her chair and may choose from a variety of colors and shades from mango to chartreuse to mink. The Embody chair will really put the fun and comfort back to the usually dull workplace.

We were hardpressed to find anything unlikable about the Embody chair. The only thing undesirable about the Embody chair probably is its proce which is about $1600. However, when one actually sits and feels the Embody chair, the price doesn't really matter.

Final Verdict
The Embody chair deserves an A for addressing the issues that continuously hound the workplace. With the Embody chair, office workers no longer have to suffer from back pain, leg pain or any other form of body pain or fatigue. We wish, however, that the price would be adjusted so that more consumers can benefit from the Embody chair. Or, that a lower end version of the Embody chair be produced provided that these give similar benefits for regular office workers. Sitting in an Embody chair is more than just sitting, it's an experience all in itself.

Still need convincing that the Embody chair is one of the best ergonomic chair around? Learn more about the Embody chair or find out if the Embody chair is right for you.