Reasons Why You Should Buy Your Embody Chair From An Authorized Dealer

1. Only an authorized dealer can give you award-winning service.
Since authorized dealers are chosen via a rigorous evaluation process based on their ability to provide the Embody chair at the proper venue, you can be assured that you will receive the service you deserve as a customer. Before a company becomes an authorized dealer, Herman Miller employees must first evaluate its financial stability, facilities, service, reputation and ability to stay in business. Once a company becomes an authorized dealer, you, as a consumer, can guarantee that you will receive exemplary service that is a trademark of the Herman Miller design company.

2. Authorized dealers have a good reputation within the industry.
Embody chair dealers are well renowned within the industry. They must first have good and spotless reputations before being approved by Herman Miller, Inc. Thus, as a buyer, you can guarantee that an authorized dealer won't rip you off. An authorized dealer won't charge you any hidden fees or for any service or parts you may need. Also, with an authorized dealer, your Embody chair will surely be brand new, damage free and properly configured for maximum enjoyment and comfort.

3. Only an authorized dealer can issue a 12-year warranty from Herman Miller, Inc.
It is a known fact that most, if not all, Herman Miller products come with a 12-year full warranty including the Embody chair. In the said warranty, the owner is entitled to 12 years of free parts and service if the defects of the chair do not arise from natural variations in the material and from nonstandard parts and materials included at the request of the user. If you buy from an authorized dealer, you will receive a warranty label which bears the product's make and model, factory order number and born-on date. The said label will serve as evidence that you bought from an authorized dealer and are therefore eligible to avail of the company's warranty.

4. Authorized dealers can easily be reached and contacted.
With authorized dealers spread out over three countries (United States, Mexico and Canada), and in cyberspace, you will easily find one who can ship an Embody chair to your place of residence or business in a short period of time. If something goes wrong, however, although that is highly unlikely, you can easily obtain their contact details since they are required to post these on their websites.

5. Authorized dealers can handle your Embody chair properly.
Surely by shelling out hundreds of dollars, you would want your Embody chair to arrive at your doorstep looking brand new, damage free and properly configured. Well, only an authorized dealer can do that for you. Since they are up-to-date and knowledgeable on the inner workings and mechanisms of the Embody chair, you will have no doubt that they can configure your chair properly and according to company specifications. If your chair becomes defective in the long run, authorized dealers will gladly repair your Embody chair and replace with brand new and original parts coupled with exemplary service and workmanship at their expense.

Below we listed all authorized Herman Miller dealer that sells the Embody Chair.